What is Water Birth Delivery and how is it done?

In the world of women, the pleasure of becoming a mother is considered to be heavenly. The feeling of becoming a mother is blissful for women, but it does not happen all that easily. It is very painful to bear labor. It is said that becoming a mother means the second birth of a woman.

Many times people resort to Caesarean to avoid labor pain, but that is not easy, they have to bear the consequences of this throughout their life. Medical science has developed such a new technique to avoid labor pain; you will be surprised to know. Let’s know interesting information about this technique.

Water birth delivery is a unique method of delivery. In which it is a modern form of normal delivery. Through this, the pain during delivery is reduced to the woman. It is said that during the labor pains a woman suffers as much pain as when all the bones of our body are broken together. That is to say that becoming a mother means the second birth of a woman.

In this technique, the woman suffers less. According to doctors, water birth delivery is 40% less painful than normal delivery and both mother and baby are less prone to infection, which also reduces the stretch in the vagina. Because the tissues of the body are soft due to exposure to hot water. During delivery, the woman stays in a tub of hot water, due to which the tension in the body is also reduced.

Water birth delivery means that during delivery, the mother’s body is kept in a tub of warm water and the baby is also born in hot water. For this process, make a bridge of lukewarm water and keep this bridge warm. There are also many tools for such as to prevent infection, waterproof equipment, etc.

The special thing is that the promotion of this technology is still less in our India country, it is quite popular in abroad, hope that this technology will be used in future in our country of India also so that women can get relief in prenatal pain.

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