What is Janta Curfew (Sunday 22 march )

We all know how much outcry the coronavirus (COVID – 19) has created in the whole world. Our country is also reeling from it. In this case, we have to be careful. Our government has taken very good steps. We are citizens of a responsible country. It is also the duty of all of us to do every effort with our end which is good and beneficial not only for us but also for our society.

The deadly coronavirus that comes out from the city of China is on the verge of spreading in the world today. This virus can bring terrible devastation. it would be prevented from spreading in time.

On Thursday by addressing the country, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has said that this is the time to take care not to overburden.If we take the right precautions at the right time this epidemic can be avoided.

What is the public curfew?- The government of India has taken a very good step to stop the spread of this epidemic. According to this curfew, all Indians have been advised not to leave their homes on Sunday i.e. on this 22 March from 7 am to 9 pm.

If coronavirus does not get any human body in it, then it will be destroyed soon. The curfew is 14 hours, thus the virus can be prevented from spreading to a large extent.

This is the responsibility to give a contribution to stop corona from spreading out.

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