Vladimir Demikhov Russian Scientist Famous for his Two Headed Dog Experiments

Man’s arbitrariness has taken its cruel form today. In the last century, there were some scientists who could play with anyone’s life for their curiosity. By the way, this research was done to gather information. But for this many sacrificial animals were sacrificed. This kind of inhumane research was started by Vladimir Demikhov, a Russian scientist.

Vladimir Demikhov Russian Scientist

In 1954, he attached a small puppy to an adult German shepherd dog through the head surgery. As such, the reporters around the world were shocked to see it at that time. But other biologists began to see it as very cruel research. Demikhov built this dog just a short distance from Moscow.

two headed dog

Once, he made this two-headed dog walk in front of everyone and gave him milk to drink in the bowl. On seeing the bowl, the two heads of the dog bowed together and started drinking milk. In this, the head of the adult dog was properly weaned. But the head of the puppy added by the surgery was drinking milk, due to no torso, the milk used to go back out through the mouth.

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