Uttar Pradesh: A Man dies after eating 41 eggs for bet with friend- blogclue

Many of us make bets throughout the day as a joke. Things like “I can bet and say” if you want, keep going. Many people use it as Taqiya Qalam. But these Bets sometimes become very expensive. In Jaunpur, a person had to lose his life due to the Bet.

In Jaunpur there is a market called Bibganj. Subhash, who lives in Kalan Dhaurahra village, has his own business. On November 1, Subhash went to the market to eat eggs with his friends. At the same time, someone said that who can eat how many eggs. Laughter became a Bet in laughter.

The Bet was that if the man ate 50 eggs and drank a bottle of wine, then 2000 can win. Subhash came forward to win the same bet. It is being told that a small crowd gathered in the market to see the Bet of eating 50 eggs.

Subhash started eating eggs. People were creating an atmosphere by screaming on every egg. After eating 40 eggs, people clapped. Subhash ate 41 eggs. As he ate the 42nd egg. He fell unconscious there. People took Subhash to the nearest hospital. Subhash died while undergoing treatment there late at night.

Subhash had remarried this year. The first wife had four daughters. Subhash married for the second time about 9 months ago. Subhash’s wife was also pregnant. But now Subhash is no more. People are having terrible discussion of this incident around. Some people are calling Subhash’s mistake, some people are calling those who are with him wrong. That they too should have stopped.

Whatever the case may be, but one person died in the end. What is the Bet in which someone loses life.

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