The World’s Most Expensive Vegetable- Blogclue

There are many types of vegetables in this world, some vegetables which we eat daily in normal life. But some vegetables are like this. You will be stunned to hear about the price of which. Today, we will try to know about this world’s most expensive vegetable. So let’s know about it in detail.

Let me tell you that this vegetable is the most expensive vegetable in the world. Usually this vegetable is sold at 1000 Euro per kg i.e. in Indian rupees, its price is around 80 thousand rupees kg. Normal human beings are not able to buy it.

Let us tell you that this hop is also used as a herb. It has been used for centuries to relieve toothache, to treat TB. Hopes are found to have antibiotic properties which are very beneficial for human health. Many diseases of the body are removed by this and humans feel healthy.

It is an evergreen vegetable that can be grown throughout the year. But cold weather is not considered good for this. March to June is considered an ideal time for its cultivation. Twigs of this vegetable can also be used in salads like onions. You can eat it by grilling it or you can also make its pickle. They are beneficial for health.

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