Test Cricket Matches: Pros and Cons

Cricket is one of the sports that gain the interest of more people all over the world. There are different forms of cricket and test cricket is one of them. The test matches will be played for 4 consecutive days. However, this is one of the oldest forms of cricket matches. Now, the current trend is all about the 20-over matches. The interest among the people to continuously watch the test cricket for four days is getting decreased. However, there are both pros and cons to the test matches. Continue reading to know about it!

Advantages of the test match

One of the most important and the obvious benefit of the test match is the money. Though there is an additional loss for the day, it will only free up the calendar for some limited over games. Thus, the board can make more money out of it.
The next important thing to consider as the boon is about the draws. If there are issues of the weather or if there is a stop in the match, the results would be exiting. More than deciding about the win or the loss, getting into the match is a great thing for the teams.

As it is the 4 days matches, at least one day will be the weekend and the people will have the chance to enjoy the match and relax the day.

The players will have long hours to stand in the field. If they concentrate to sustain in the match, they can make wonders in their innings. Thus, it becomes the true place to exhibit their playing ability for the country.

Disadvantages with the test match

One of the biggest disadvantages of the test match can be pointed out as the ineffectiveness of the spinners. The pitch might not be favorable for all the four days and the curators need to put as the spinners in the 4-day match.

The classic test batsman who has the ability to fight in the battle without worries will be discouraged in the test matches. However, they will have the chance to establish certain long innings and make some records. The players need to struggle at those conditions.

The next most important disadvantage of the test match is the weather. In some countries, it is not possible to predict the weather to be suitable for the match all the 4 days. Suddenly, when there is rain, the match will be spoiled completely where the players and the audience will be disappointed.

The bottom line

In this millennium, it is right to say that the batting averages have come down a wee bit. However, the striking rates have massive growth. The batsman whose strike rate is above 60 has gone up. By the new talents coming up, the bats are growing, outfields are lasher and the batsmen are also more innovative and reckless to play the game. Thus, the test matches have become highly unpredictable than ever. Understanding both the positive and negative factors, the players have to make use of the platform to achieve in their sports career.

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