History: Some Interesting Information About Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap used to cut enemy soldiers including horses in one stroke.

When Ibrahim Lincoln was visiting India. Then he asked his mother – what did he bring for you from India? Then the mother’s answer was – “Bringing a handful of dust from Haldi valley, the heroic land of that great country, where the king was so loyal to his subjects that he chose his motherland instead of half India.” Unfortunately, that tour was canceled. You can read this in the book “President of USA”.

Maharana Pratap’s spear weighed 80 kg and the weight of the armor was also 80 kg.Combining the weight of armor, spear, shield, and sword in hand, the total weight was 207 kg.

Even today the goods of Maharana Pratap’s sword armor etc. are safe in the museum of Udaipur royal family.

Akbar had said that if Rana Pratap bowed before me, he would be the heir of half India, but would remain Emperor Akbar. But Maharana Pratap refused to accept anyone’s subjection.

There were 20,000 soldiers from Mewar in the battle of Haldi valley and 85000 soldiers joined the battle on behalf of Akbar.
The temple of Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak is also built, which is still safe in the Haldi valley.

When Maharana Pratap renounced the palaces, thousands of blacksmiths also left home with him and waved swords day and night for Rana’s army. Today this society is called Gadhiya Lohar in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. I bow to such people.

Even after 300 years of the Haldi Valley War, swords were found in the land there.The last stock of swords was found in the Haldi valley in 1985.

Maharana Pratap was given the education of arms by “Shri Jaimal Medatia ji”, who fought 60000 Muslims with 8000 Rajput heroes. 48000 were killed in that war. There were 8000 Rajputs and 40000 Mughals.

Akbar also wept over Maharana’s death.

Tribal Bhil Samaj of Mewar in Haldi valley Akbar’s army was trampled with his arrow. He considered Maharana Pratap as his son and Rana lived with him without discrimination.Even today there are Rajputs on the royal emblem of Mewar, and Bhils on the other side.

Chetak Maharana, the horse of Maharana Pratap, gained heroic speed after crossing the 26 feet river. He crossed the river even after breaking his leg. Today, where he was injured, there is a tree called Khodi Imli, where Chetak died, there is Chetak temple.

Rana’s horse Chetak was also very powerful, the elephant trunk in front of his mouth was used to confuse the elephant. These were two horses named Hetak and Chetak.

Maharana Pratap had recovered 85% of his lost Mewad before he died. He roamed the jungles of Mewar for 20 years, leaving gold, silver and palaces.

Maharana Pratap weighed 110 kg and tall 7’5 ”, carrying a two-sheath sword and a 80-kg spear in his hand.

The story of Maharana Pratap’s elephant: Friends, you must have heard about Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak,But he also had an elephant. Whose name was Ramprasad. Let me tell you a few things about him.

The Ramprasad elephant is mentioned by Al-Badayuni, who is from Haldighati on behalf of the Mughals.He did battle in one of his texts.

He writes that when Akbar had raised Maharana Pratap, he had demanded to arrest two things only. One is Maharana himself and the other is his elephant Ramprasad.

Al-Badauni writes that the elephant was so intelligent and powerful that he alone killed 13 elephants of Akbar in the battle of Haldighati.He further writes that to catch that elephant, we have one of 7 big elephants

Made a Chakravyuh and placed 14 Mahavatos on them, then they could go somewhere and arrest him.

Now hear Swami Bhakti of an Indian animal. The elephant was presented to Akbar. Whereupon Akbar named him Peeraprasad.

The Mughals gave sugarcane and water to Ramprasad. But that loyal elephant neither ate the grain of the Mughals for 18 days nor He drank water and he became a martyr.

Then Akbar said- whose elephant I could not bow before me, What will be able to bow to that Maharana Pratap.?So friends, always be proud of being an Indian.

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