Shouldn’t cucumbers with tomatoes be eaten as a salad?

Have you ever thought that the tomatoes and cucumbers you are eating in a salad can bother you. Have you ever thought that tomatoes and cucumbers have so many properties hidden in them; it can also make you sick. If not, it is important to know. Because, as much as tomatoes and cucumbers are beneficial for health, eating them together can also cause harm. Actually, eating cucumber and tomato together can cause stomach diseases. Eating them together can cause problems like gas, bloating, stomach pain, nausea, fatigue and indigestion.

Why Does This Happen

Both cucumber and tomato are on the diet list. To come in this list means that these two are opposite to each other. The time of digestion in these two is different. Therefore, they can cause different problems by going to the stomach.

Why are there such problems?

Actually, both tomatoes and cucumbers have different nature. One is a quick digest and the other is slow. In such a situation, eating the vegetable with opposite contrast will cause such problems. Because, one digests the first and reaches into the intestine and the other’s process of digestion continues. This causes a stretch in the body. Such problems are dangerous for the entire body along with the stomach. Cucumber and tomato are not compatible with each other. Therefore, they should not be eaten together.

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