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Some Important Fact About Nana’s Life

Nana Patekar born on 1 Jan,1951.He won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor.He also received the award for Best Supporting Actor for “Parinda “Movie.We are all aware of his acting skills and the story of becoming one of the most generous donors of farmers. These are some of the least known facts about him.

Some Important Fact About Nana’s Life

Patekar’s father had a business of clothes. His father died of a heart attack when Nana Patekar was 28. This led to him working part-time with an artist-cum-designer of promotional material in Mumbai. At that time, he used to get 35 rupees a day with one meal.

He did not deliberately choose an acting career. He had just gone to see a friend on the rehearsal set in the ’70s, and was offered a role in the play.

One of Patekar’s Marathi plays continues 13 years after its launch.

He refuses to help Malhar (his son) in setting a foothold in the film industry. He says that the boy has to find his own level. Now look at the next generation superstars Sonam Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Tusshar Kapoor etc., they are really spoiling the profession.

He is the only actor to win a Film-fare Award in the Best Actor and best Supporting Actor  in best Villain categories. A true all-rounder in the film industry.

As an Army Man- He joined the Indian Territorial Army in the early 1990s. He has been awarded honorary Captain rank by the Indian Army.

As a Farmer- He said in an interview, “I do farming in my village near Pune. I have a farm house where I grow rice, wheat, gram, etc.He said even we sit to sell our grown products.

Helping Farmer’s Financially –
Used to distribute money among farmers.He inspired them to help the widows of the farmers who committed suicide and distributed sewing machines to them so that they could earn their livelihood.

He always said that, you don’t need all media attention and limelight on you to donate and help the needy people. He also adopted many villages.

Nana Patekar Movie’s List




Ab Tak Chhappan





Taxi no .9 2 11





The attack Of 26/11


Welcome Back

Upcoming Movie (2020) – Hera Pheri-3

He has given this statement for the events of the country “Our first priority should be our country and nothing else”

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