Movie- ‘Mr India 2’ in controversy- Sonam Kapoor Not happy with to remake of this film

Film director Ali Abbas Zafar want to remake of Anil Kapoor’s film Mr. India again. The director of the original film, Shekhar Kapur, has expressed his displeasure over the fact that he and his film’s actor were not informed about this. Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor, also did not like this point of Ali Abbas Zafar.

Sonam wrote in her post of Instagram5

Many people ask me many questions about the remake of Mr. India . To be honest, my father also had no idea that the film was being remade. We came to know about this news through social media when Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted about this film. If this is true then it is insult and deceit.Because no one bothered to talk to my father or Shekhar Uncle about this, to the two people who played a very important role in the making of the film. This is a very sad thing. Because this is a film that was made by very hard work. My father’s feelings are attached to this film.”

Shekhar Kapoor also reacted

Shekhar Kapur stated on social media, “Nobody asked me anything about Mr. India 2 nor mentioned me. I can only guess that they are in the habit of using this title to get a big weekend.” They cannot even use the character and the story without the permission of the original creators. ”

Ali Abbas Zafar wrote something like this in his tweet, “I am very excited about the epic trilogy ‘Mr. India’ with Zee Studios. It is a huge responsibility for me to carry this iconic character to everyone’s favorite. At the moment this film I am working on the script of the film. So far no actors have been cast for this film. When the first draft of the script of this film is ready, then we will start casting. According to some reports, the film may be released in 2022.

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