Life Story Of Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi Agarwal 

Story Of Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi Agarwal

Laxmi is the founder of Stop Sell Acid.She is an acid attack survivor and takes steps to protect the rights of acid attack victims. In 2005, at the age of 15, she had an acid attack.She was attacked by a 32-year-old man Gudda or alias Naeem Khan, whose proposal she turned down the advice.

She has also advocated against acid attacks, collecting 27,000 signatures for a petition to curb the sale of acids and taking the cause to the Supreme Court of India. His petition ordered the Supreme Court to ban the sale of acid without license through the central and state governments.

Survivor Luxmi Aggarwal

laxmi had a class mate and she had a brother who was 32 years old. Her friend had the same phone at home which her brother also used. Through that phone he used to call Laxmi and force her to marry with him .

After refusing by Laxmi for the whole 10 months she harassed her. On the way to school, he would tease her, slap her. He knew all about Laxmi’s dreams, her fears that she did not speak at home.

Laxmi  belongs to a middle class family. In a conference, she said that she had very good dreams. She was a girl and due to this she did not get much support from the family. She was very fond of singing .

She was afraid that if I had told my parents about that boy, they would stopped studying Laxmi.

The school was going to have 2 month holidays, Laxmi wanted to learn something new.At last she convince her parent for joining singing class.
She was very excited that day but when she went for admission, the admission was closed. On April 19, a message from the boy comes that I love you and want to do marry. She did not reply.

Next  day Laxmi gets a call from her friend’s number. She thought it was probably her friend’s call. When she picked up the phone, it was her brother who started speaking to her for marriage. Laxmi flatly refused.

He says that you want to do something further, you want to illuminate the name of your parent. So Laxmi said yes. And he said let’s be fine and disconnected the call.

The next day, the boy and his younger brother’s girlfriends were following him.
Laxmi was going like every day at 10 .45, suddenly those people were also coming after her. The girl was watching her angrily.

Laxmi started to move forward, suddenly she looked back and in one stroke everything was over. They brought acid in the beer bottle and came with the glass. The girl put her hands on Laxmi’s head and on the ground. Cover and put acid on her face. Laxmi fainted.

When she came to his senses, she felt like someone had set her on fire. she kept on screaming, screaming and fell down the pavement 3 times, accidentally with the car 3 times. But nobody come out for her helped. They started to make the group and began making videos, they look toward her when will die, what will happen.

A person was watching all this from far away. His name was Arun Singh. He came to Laxmi in a 2 liter cock bottle filled with half water, he put it on laxmi’s face. All the acid started flowing towards the throat and got burnt. He immediately called PCR.

When Laxmi was being taken to PCR, his face became like a burnt polythene. As soon as she was brought to the hospital, 20 buckets of water were poured over her.

When She hugged her father, his shirt also got burnt. The acid was very strong.
Since then, the struggling of Laxmi’s life started. Laxmi had 2 operations in the hospital, which was very painful. She stayed in the same hospital for two and a half months, after which she came home. All relatives and friends turned their back on Laxmi.

People in the neighborhood started saying that the acid would have been put in some other part of the body, cut off hands, she is  a girls and kill it, how will it be married.

Laxmi’s family did not lose courage. Laxmi did not know anything about her face. She was thinking that she must have got a new face. When she came home, all the mirrors from the house were removed. Just as she did her face Looked. It was very painful. Her face was scary, her eyes had gone out. She wanted to commit suicide.

She remembered her parent’s memory of his struggle. She started thinking that I will kill myself but my parents will die a little bit after me everyday.

She told her parent. Now she did not want to make a mistake before the attack by not telling them. When she told her father, he told him that “beta” there is nothing is impossible in this world.

He said that one day you will love this face,then you will remember me. In the year of 2007, she passed the matriculation. In 2009, she did a basic computer, beautician course. In 2012, a challenge was waiting for him.

In 2012, Laxmi’s brother got suffer from TB Disease. The doctor said that he cannot escape. On the third day her father had a heart attack and he was died.
Now single earner in that house was died. Her certificate came in handy. She wandered in search of job in place. She was unable to find job by looking at the condition of her face.

Even in a call center, she did not get a job.They saying that people would be scared to see her face.She said that where does the face appear on the call.

In 2006,she was given a chance to van the acid. its result came in 2013. That too when Laxmi was involved with a stop acid attack. She saw 5 more survivor. There were some survivor who could not see at all, Some of them was seen with one eye. Which was very painful.

Despite acid being banned, acid has not stopped selling even today.
Acid is not in market neither in factory ,acid is only in mind

Laxmi said in one conference that

” I am not a victim ,” I am a survivor.
The man who attacked me will cover his face ,why would ” I “

From this story, everyone should learn that let their children be comforted with themselves.
Especially girls, only then they will be able to tell their parents their problems. And children should also teach their parents to tell their problems openly.

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