Latest SEO Content Strategy & Marketing tips to generate traffic on your blog- 2020

Search Engine Optimize Tips

There are various ways to promote your blog. It depends on the reasons that you want to get your blog in the first place. What you decide is best for you.
Do you want to develop an audience to sell advertising space on your blog?  Do you want to set up your blog as an authority

The above methods are excellent for using a blog to help a business, but there are different methods of publicity that can affect each goal.

1) Focus on search engine optimized (SEO) content

Promoting a blog and SEO is a hand to hand process. SEO content is basically a tool that aims to rank on search engines for popular blogs (search) in order to attract organic traffic from search users to your blog.

SEO guidelines can ranges from logical to technical (use your target keyword in the title of your post, write a clear meta description (meta description) (select coding, mobile friendly design) so that if you are unfamiliar then check other blogs. Some suggestions are:

1. Search Engine Journal
2. SEMrush

2) Use of “EVERGREEN” content

One tip for adding SEO content to your blog is to target evergreen topics in your blog which can be evergreen content. What do I mean by evergreen? Evergreen SEO means that the subject of the post in its content will be relevant for years to come, as opposed to a seasonal topic that is only relevant for a short time.

That way, as you write your blog posts with SEO about “evergreen” topics, your posts / site will be searched again and again in the future.

3. Invite guest bloggers

Another easy way to promote your blog is to let other people write for you! Guest blogging is a way for other bloggers to reach a new audience by contributing their posts to their blog. Typically, a guest post includes a link to the guest’s website, so that there is a benefit for both parties in exchange for the post.

The more loyal followers your guest writer has, the better. When the guest writer goes to share your new post on your blog, it attracts your audience to your site and makes your blog even more authoritative.

4) Mention INFLUENCERS in your blog posts

Another strategy to make your blog more influential is to mention more influential people in your post. You can also include a quote of their choice, which you share in one of their related posts, or simply mention how useful you are to their website. Show the bar. Let the logo settle in their eyes.

After dropping their name in your post let them know on email or social media so they can tell them. Most people will be happy that you thought of them and included them as a part of your post. Maybe, they can be interested in your blog and share the post with their friends, even ask them to contribute or guide you in future guest posts.

5. Build an Marketing List on Email

Can you develop your blog without an email list? Then you need to rethink your strategy.

Creating an email list from your blog readers is one of the best tested ways to build loyalty with your fan base and keep your readers engaged repeatedly. However, as this post states,

You need to offer a clear price when asking people to sign up. Nobody wants more emails in their inbox. Offer interesting deals, insider tips and secrets. Basically, users want a clear incentive to sign up for another list.

6.By Social Media

Social media plays an important role to land a blog  (both unpaid and paid posts) successfully. You may about using social media to make an impact for you, then it would be wise to invest in social media tools to help advance and track your posts. Twitter and Facebook are great places to develop an audience and find like-minded people online.

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