Irfan Pathan’s son boxes with Sachin Tendulkar- Blogclue

Like you all know that Sachin Tendulkar is very famous in the cricket world. Many of his videos have gone viral online, which makes us believe that Sachin Tendulkar can have fun. A few days ago, Sachin Tendulkar’s video went viral in which he appears to be in a fun mood with Imran, son of Irfan Pathan. This video has been shared by Irfan Pathan on the internet, which has become very viral now. In this video, Imran is seen playing boxing with Sachin, which looks very funny in view.

This video has been shared by Irfan Pathan in his official account Instagram, you can see how in this video, Irfan’s son first measures his height with Sachin Tendulkar, and Sachin Tendulkar also has a lot of fun and suddenly Imran try his boxing skills on Sachin and Sachin starts laughing, this video is becoming very viral on the internet and people like this video very much.

These things of the little Imran’s is being liked by the people. As we all know that for a long time, Irfan Pathan was running out of Indian cricket team. In 2019, he retired from all the matches, before that Irfan Pathan was called the all-rounder of the Indian team, both his batting and bowling was excellent.

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