Inspirational Story: Wilma Rudolph – American track and field athlete

Wilma Rudolph was born in 1940 in a poor family in the state of Tennessee, USA. Wilma’s father Rudolph was a porter and mother was a servant. At the age of four, Wilma got fever and pneumonia, which led to polio and she became disabled. She¬† had to wear an iron brace on her feet. After much treatment, the doctors also gave up and said that she would never be able to walk without a brace.

Wilma’s mother was a woman of positive attitude. Wilma’s morale remains, so her mother got her enrolled in a school. She encouraged her and said that nothing is impossible in this world; you can achieve whatever you want. Wilma said to her mother – “Can I be the fastest woman in the world?” At this, Mother told Wilma that with faith in God, hard work and dedication, you can be whatever you want.

The mother’s point sat in Wilma’s mind so much that at the age of nine, she insisted that she remove her brace contrary to Doctor’s advice and tried to walk. In an attempt to walk without a brace, she fell several times, got hurt several times and endured pain but she did not lose courage and kept trying. Eventually the circumstances were defeated in front of her stubbornness and after two years of hard work, she managed to walk without a brace and without any support.

When Wilma’s doctor came to know about this, he came to meet her. Seeing Wilma walking, he said – Well done daughter! You proved my point to be false with your hard work and dedication. He told her that she would run a lot with the confidence that is in you, and you will leave everyone behind one day, nobody can stop you.

At the age of 13, Wilma competed in the race for the first time and came in last place by a huge margin. But she did not give up and continued to participate in the running competitions. Despite losing many times, she did not back down and kept trying. And a day also came when he finished first in the competition.

At the age of 15, she attended Tennessee State University where she received Coach Ed Temple. Wilma tells Temple about her wish that she wants to be the fastest runner in the world. Seeing her will power and confidence, Temple said that no one can stop you and I will help you in this.

Now Wilma did one day and night and kept improving her performance. And finally she got a chance to participate in the Olympics. In the Olympics, Wilma was confronted by a runner (Jutta Heine) whom nobody had defeated until then. The first race was 100 meters, in which Wilma defeated Jutta to win the gold medal. The second race was 200 meters in which Jutta was also in front of Wilma and in this also Wilma defeated Jutta and won the second gold medal.

The third race was a 400 meter relay race, in which the fastest runner runs the last. Wilma once again faced the Jutta team. Wilma and Jutta were also running in their respective teams at last. The race started, the first three runners of Wilma’s team easily changed their baton but when Wilma’s turn came, the baton fell from his hand. Meanwhile Utah overtook him. Wilma picked up the baton and overtook Jutta, running like a machine. And won the third gold medal, defeating Jutta for the third time.

It became history. This Miracle never happened again. A girl who had once suffered from polio, whom Doctor said would never run, had become the fastest runner in the world.

A girl who suffered from polio in childhood, which Doctor said that it will never run, she not only walked with her confidence, hard work and dedication, but also ran in the Olympics and won three gold medals. She had made the impossible possible.

She realized her dreams by defeating all the difficulties, hardships with her passion and became the fastest runner in the world.

You too can overcome the biggest difficulties on the basis of self-confidence, perseverance and hard work, make your dreams come true, touch the sky highs. Just need to believe in yourself only once. You can do which no one else can.


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