Bigg Boss 13: Contestant Shehnaz Gill Got Angry by the question of the Media – ‘bin painde ka lota’

Yes, you all know that yesterday in Bigg Boss season 13, a press conference was held at home. Like every time, this time also the family not only faced the media but also answered their sarcasm questions. Siddharth Shukla and Sehnaaz Gill’s relationship was also questioned.

In which a lot of questions were asked to Sehnaaz Gill. Whether it was about his personal life or his relationship. Many questions were answered very easily by Sehnaaz, so some of them were hurt too.

First of all, a reporter asked Sehnaaz that you flip .They asked that you want to show such an image to everyone outside.
So another reporter asked that you are using Siddharth?

Is this a part of your game?

Are you really emotionally attached to Siddharth?

Because you are not with the shadow when Siddharth really needs your support. Between these questions, Sehnaaz also looked very upset and weeping.

While answering the questions of the reports, Sehnaaz said that this is her nature. She is not showing anything different here. She loves to talk with everyone. Where I will go to get the importance. She told that Siddhartha And they are playing in different teams. Sehnaaz was also accused of hurting Siddharth.

When reporters talk about Sehnaaz and Aseem’s backbiting  about Siddharth comes to the fore, Siddharth is further infuriated at it and will see Sehanaz speaking to stay with Aseem Riyaz.

Is Reporters questions seem to have created a distance between Siddharth and Sehnaaz?

After the press conference, there will also be a debate between Sehnaaz and Siddharth. Here Sehnaaz was seen saying Rashmi Desai that I do not want such a fame. Now let’s see what the impact of this press conference will be on Sidnaaz’s relationship.

Sidnaaz is everyone’s favorite pair and no one wants to see them fighting like this. Both of them are looking very cute together. Their fans want to see them together not only inside the Big Boss house but also outside.


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