Brushes are made from pig’s hair

On hearing the name of the pig, in our mind comes the image of a dirty, crooked, round animal. As much as we consider pig to be useless. Equally pig benefits us in some form or the other. So let’s know some interesting and important facts of pig.

Interesting and important facts about Pig

Pigs cannot stand and look at the sky. Because their ears are just above the eyes.

Pig is the most commonly eaten meat worldwide.

Pygmy hogs are the smallest pig on earth with a weight of 6 kg and a length of 10 inches.

Pigs were domesticated about 6 thousand to 7 thousand years ago.

Pigs are found on all continents except Antarctica.

Pigs drink 50 liters of water a day.

The pig has 44 teeth in its mouth.

Pig skin matches human skin.

Sweating glands are not found in the pig’s body. That is why pigs are lying in mud to keep their cool.

Pig hair is very strong and hard. Their hair is mostly used in making brushes.

Pigs are the most reared in China.

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