Bigg Boss 13: At midnight, one member ‘disappeared’

As we all know that 15 February is the finale of Bigg Boss but before this some strange horror happens in the house, between which one member will disappear from the house. What is the whole thing, know here:

There is just a few moments left in the finale of Bigg Boss 13 and before that the show is going to have a big twist that will blow the senses of all the families. Today you will see that there will be some strange incidents in the house of Bigg Boss, which will also frighten all the family members. Due to these strange incidents, a member from home will also become homeless. Read the full post on what the whole scene is?.

Today Vicky Kaushal will come to promote his upcoming film ‘Bhoot’ in Bigg Boss house. But for this, he will take the help of Siddharth and Paras. Bigg Boss gives Siddharth and Paras a task in which they will

frighten all the family members badly and create conditions that will make all the other families feel that there is a ghost there. Siddharth and Paras make this task successful and Vicky Kaushal laughs loudly as all the members of the house blow their senses.

After the task completes, he enters the house and tells that when he goes out of this house, he will take one of Shehnaz, Aarti and Mahira out of the house. Hearing this, Mahira hugs Paras, and Aarti starts crying.After all, one of these three will be homeless.

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